Maysalward is a pioneer mobile game developing Studio and Publisher; the first in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) market, and is recognized as one of the significant leaders in the mobile game development and publishing in this region.


Maysalward Founded in November 2003, and since then we have grown in capacity and productivity. With unique market understanding and strong partnerships with telcos and hardware manufacturers that enable the company to distribute games broadly and to monetize.

In addition to Developing our own IP’s and Games, we are also partnering to localize international games. Meanwhile, the glocalized vision we are running has made the studio grow into a unique organization in the Middle East and a global player, with an office in Jordan since 2003 and satellite office the Leamington Spa, the UK since January 2017.

Maysalward associated with diversity and excellence having achieved so much in the industry. We design the most popular games in the Middle East and North Africa, and as a Publisher, Maysalward published award-winning developers and globally renowned mobile games brand.

Our Publishing activities are showcasing our unmatched expertise and experience in the region
We pride ourselves on keeping an eye on the future and never to take the foot off the pedal while striving to make our current games go commercial. The company is fully prepared and ready to step into the spotlight as a global leader in the mobile game industry.

In 2011, we began our quest to conquer the global market, and we have not lost our vision since then. To our investors and partners, it became evident that we are determined and serious about the business; they were able to publish their games and also invest in Maysalward.

Maysalward is determined to lead the mobile game industry in the MENA region and be an active player over the next few years; we have experience, network, team, and vision to achieve this target. Our team continues to work on enhancing and promoting our presence in this region as the top mobile gaming developer without shifting our focus from game monetization and converting current and future users to paying customers.

Maysalward has increased its effort in 2016 by developing mobile Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality mobile Games (AR), for Google cardboard and now for HTC and Oculus Rift

Maysalward’s mobile games are available on AppStore for iOS devices and Google Play for Android mobile phones and tablets. We started from the base to the top, in 2003 we localized few games, and after noting its success, we decided to build our own IP’s with the introduction of our trademark card game Trix, Tarneeb, and Balot followed by our board games (the award-winning) dominoes. In 2014, the company expanded its service and started the publishing of regional indie developer games and internationally renowned brands.

Maysalward is the most prominent developer and publisher in the Middle East, and our partners include ZEPTOLAB in the MENA market (The Middle East and North Africa) with excellent products such as Cut the Rope and King of thieves and they recently launched the top-selling racing game Nitro Nation with Creative Mobile.

Maysalward believes in the importance and necessity of building and enlarging the capacity of the local ecosystem of game developers, artists, animators, testers is crucial for improving the gaming industry in Jordan. Maysalward is involved in various grass root activities that have helped translate the belief into action such as boot camps, developer days and an Annual gaming summit.

Maysalward teamed with the children’s museum of Jordan onsite interactive games; also partnered since 2011 with King Abdullah II fund for development (KAFD) as a Techinical managing partner for the Jordan Gaming Lab. The gaming lab is now operational in Amman, Irbid, Aqaba, and Maan and soon in Karaq and Zarqa.

Also As a Technical Partner Maysalward manage “The App Challenge”; a yearly program targets 14-16 year school student in the development of the local gaming sector. Nine waves of app challenges have been conducted since 2011, training 2300+ students on coding, design, story, and gameplay.

Maysalward  uniqueness and success came  as a result of the strategic partnerships, distribution channel in the gaming business; this has made Maysalward emerge as the key player .

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