Maysalward founded in November 2003, as the first mobile game development company in the Middle East and North Africa(MENA) Market, and recognized as the leader in mobile game development in the region.

Based in Jordan, and under a glocalized (Globalised Localised) vision, the company is designing and developing some of the most popular mobile games in the area, including cards games Trix, Tarneeb, and Balot, in addition to board games such as Chess, besides, and the award-winning Dominoes. The company Mobile Games are available on the AppStore for iOS devices and Google Play for Android Mobile Phones and Tablets.

Maysalward, in 2014, expanded its services to include the publishing of regional indie developer games and international renowned IP brands & names. Today the company works in close collaboration with Zeptolab in MENA market with Cut The Rope and King of Thieves. Recently Launched the Top Selling Racing Game Nitro Nation with Creative Mobile and working with Koukoi in Finland Crashing Season Games and with Sviper Wild City Rush.

Maysalward has proven competency with a wide-ranging expertise, demonstrated by its comprehensive product and project portfolio, which includes cross-platform multiplayer games and social network interactive games, besides the team is working with Virtual and Augmented Reality Technologies with developed and published games. Maysalward operates from Jordan and boasts a highly diverse, dedicated, and professional workforce of 16 developers & designers.