Traditional Middle East games to Blackberry BB10

Traditional Middle East games to Blackberry BB10

Maysalward brings a portfolio of traditional Middle East games to BlackBerry 10 (BB10). Now the BlackBerry Z10 customers can download regional favorites including Balot, Tarneeb, and Trix   


9c478dfd3433bc458b066cf55a795e95-1 Traditional Middle East games to Blackberry BB10Dubai, UAE – February 28, 2013: Maysalward, the Middle East’s first mobile gaming development company has announced the availability of a number of games for the BlackBerry® 10 (BB10).

With the launch of the re-designed, re-engineered and re-invented BlackBerry 10, Maysalward is bringing card games like Balot, Tarneeb, and Trix which are loved across the Middle East, to the BlackBerry Z10 in addition to Dominoes which is played worldwide.

Maysalward first demonstrated their apps at the global launch of BlackBerry 10 in Dubai on January 30th, 2013 and also participated in regional BlackBerry Z10 launch events in Qatar and Kuwait.

“People of this region are constantly on the move and even though they are spread out across the world, they have always stayed connected to their culture and heritage,” said Nour Khrais, CEO & Founder of Maysalward. “With the BlackBerry Z10, we are able to bring back memories these games hold for them wherever they are. The high-quality graphics on the BlackBerry Z10 have helped us provide an experience as real as possible for our customers.”

Through BlackBerry® World, fans of these games can also share the apps with their networks across BlackBerry Messenger (BBM™) and other social channels.

Maysalward’s apps are available as free downloads from BlackBerry World.  BlackBerry 10 customers have access to over 70,000 free and paid apps in English and Arabic. Customers using BlackBerry® OS 7 and older smartphones have access to over 100,000 apps including more than 2,000 new Arabic apps.


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  • We need that balot cards game for Q10 its only for Z10 in BB10 platform

    abdulaziz saad
  • Salam Abdulaziz,
    Will be available very soon …….. Thanx for playing our games

    Maysalward Team


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