In 2011, The App Challenge (TAC) kicked off as a Royal initiative directly from His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan. TAC is a school student-centered competition that invites young Jordanians to explore and engage in new emerging technologies.

The world was already rapidly shifting to mobile smartphones and tablets, and every single aspect of our lives was going towards app development, and still we are moving towards the app-oriented smart connected world.

In order to build Jordan’s capacity in that direction, and not adapt short- term solutions, but a long-term grassroots approach, the app challenge came out with a bottom-up approach: targeting students age 14-16 from all over Jordan to be the future app developers, designers, thinkers, or business leaders forming our Appreneurs scene.

Managed and supervised by the King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD); Maysalward was honored since the first app challenge Cycle to lead as an executive partner in the technical and skills development of the Students.

Today, the App Challenge has reached up to 8 cycles, in addition to a Golden Cycle where top finalists schools from previous cycles competed to design and develop a Golden App idea.

The sheet below summarizes the previous App Challenges.