This is a Coloring Book for Children using Augmented Reality ( AR) and Live Texturing Technologies. Developed and Published by
Discover How To Convert Your Kids 2D Colored Drawing 
Into a 3D Characters in Real Time  with Magic Painting 
This Magic Works! & We'll Show You Exactly How? In The Video Below...
Magic Painting is an augmented reality AR Coloring Book App in which children can color characters in a printed coloring book and check their work using a mobile device. The drawing is detected, tracked and augmented with an animated 3-D version of the character textured according to the child’s coloring.
"Coloring is a necessity in the lives of children and adults alike because it is one of the ultimate tools of self-expression"Color recognition and enjoyment, coordination and focus can help us in unleashing boundaries and this comes with a myriad of self-development benefits.  Nour KHRAIS Founder and CEO of Maysalward confirms.

Maysalward strongly believes in harnessing the power of technology for the benefit of humanity.
Technology shall never substitute the actual real-life experience; both the real and the augmentation of the real need to complement one another and immerse the end user into an enhanced experience.
We want the kids to actually hold the crayons in their hands and enjoy every single color out there.
At the same time and with what AR can offer, children are able to complement this experience and indulge into an immersive and collaborative one with their family and friends making it more fun and engaging.
Check Out Magic Painting in Action
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