Digital Games Design Training Course

Combining the efforts, Bridge Academy, Jordan Gaming Lab, and Maysalward were able to conduct a training that was launched by the Ministry of Internet and Communication Technology – Amman. The 8 weeks training was specially dedicated to a number of ICT graduates from different university across Jordan.
The training focused on the practical side of games development, where graduates learned about three main topics;
– Programming Development: A big part of conducting a game is programming it, setting the rules, logic, or AI, depending on the needs of the game itself. The participating graduates were able to run their games using Unity Engine.
– Design Development: The other part of developing any game is the visuals, the participating graduates were introduced to 3D game design using Autodesk Maya.
– Market opportunities: Knowing the market, supply, and demand in the gaming industry is a great way for directing the trainees in the right direction.

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