Ding and Dang are ready for you, are you?

Ding and Dang are ready for you, are you?

Ding & Dang is a new release from Maysalward, where you can be a hero to save souls and enjoy your time!

The game starts when buildings go on fire; helplessly trapping people and their pets, they have one way only to save themselves from the inferno, they come out jumping from the blazing rooms.

Ding & Dang’s medals collecting depends on how many souls do you save, and whether you make it to save the animals too or not. The more levels with medals you finish, the higher the buildings get.

All you have to do is to focus on saving people and pets jumping from the high floors and the ones close by, avoid objects, and enjoy saving lives!

Without the experience and sweat, you won’t be able to handle the largest fire of all. Keep those helmets on and get going!

Ding&Dang is available on iOS®, to download it please click here.

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