(GDC) 2011

(GDC) 2011

GDC – San Francisco March 1, 2011

“I love games and everything to do with games” says Nour Khrais, GM and founder of Maysalward R&D.  Participating in GDC 2011, Nour has a passion for games.  He set up one of the first gaming companies in the Middle East in 2003 and has since rolled out a wide range of mobile & online games.   Nour adds that “Single player, multiplayer and cross platform games have been developed and marketed across operators and app stores in the Middle East and markets as far as Mexico.”

Nour mentioned “ We started off in 2003, and are recognized as the leader of mobile games development in the Middle East.”   Today MRD has a library of 40 plus games across J2ME, Android, Apple & BlackBerry in addition to social and casual games on platforms such as Facebook.  MRD also works on games for corporates to use for advertising and seasonal promotions.

Under a Glocalized vision , MRD has designed and developed some of the most popular Mobile games in the region. These releases include the top card games in the Middle East such as Balote, Trix as well as Carrom.

Nour also acting as the Chairman of the Jordan Gaming Taskforce is participating with a ten man team visiting the GDC and benefiting for the experience and network of the industry leaders.

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