IGDA’s Indie SIG Launches Global Indie Collective

IGDA’s Indie SIG Launches Global Indie Collective

indie-collective-collage IGDA’s Indie SIG Launches Global Indie Collective

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The IGDA is proud to announce that the Indie Special Interest Group (SIG) has formed its first-ever Indie Collective group. This diverse group of industry veterans will collaborate as one global unit with one goal: to support independent game developers around the world. This Collective was formed and is led by Mark Stanley, the recently appointed chair of IGDA’s indie global initiative, and president of Playful Studios.

“My first mission as head of the IGDA Indie group was to unite a global crew of industry vets who are passionate about giving back to a community we so love,” said Stanley. “The IGDA Global Indie Collective brings together some of the brightest and most experienced hearts and minds in the industry, with the sole purpose of giving back to the independent game developer community. It is exciting to see such diversity, experience, and passion in one group, all focused on helping devs succeed.”

Developers from around the world will be able to access the Collective via IGDA’s Indie SIG link https://igda.org/sigs/indie/, where they can get in touch with the group. Developers will be able to receive advice, recommendations, and assistance across multiple topics, directly from individuals with vast experience in a variety of industry subject matters.

The following individuals form the IGDA Global Indie Collective:

  1. Christian Allen (Epic)
  2. Debbie Bestwick (Team 17)
  3. Mark Bozon (Apple)
  4. Chris Charla (Microsoft)
  5. Rebecca Cohen-Palacios (Pixelles / Game & Colour)
  6. N’Gai Croal (Hit Detection)
  7. Franco de Cesare (Facebook)
  8. Demetri Detsaridis (Madison Square Garden Company)
  9. Clive Downie (Unity)
  10. David Edery (Spry Fox)
  11. Greg Goodrich (Warner Bros.)
  12. Scott Hawkins (Nintendo)
  13. Shinji Hirano (Kojima Productions)
  14. Robin Hunicke (UC Santa Cruz / Funomena)
  15. Rami Ismail (Vlambeer)
  16. John Koller (Twitch)
  17. Nour Khrais (Maysalward)
  18. Rob Letts (EA Partners & EA Originals)
  19. Bob Loya (Activision)
  20. Jen MacLean (Amazon Web Services)
  21. Markus Maki (Remedy Entertainment)
  22. Andy McNamara (Game Informer)
  23. Macy Mills (Unity)
  24. Susanna Pollack (Games for Change)
  25. Ted Price (Insomniac Games)
  26. Luz Sancho (Tequila Works)
  27. Jesse Schell (Carnegie Mellon University / Schell Games)
  28. Chul-min (Simon) Sim (Netmarble)
  29. Linn Sovig (Pineleaf Studio)
  30. Mark Stanley (Playful Studios / Chair, IGDA Indie Collective)
  31. Shannon Studstill (Stadia Games & Entertainment)
  32. Michael Worosz (Take-Two Interactive Software / Private Division)
  33. Shuhei Yoshida (Sony Interactive Entertainment)

The Indie Collective will announce a variety of global outreach initiatives in the coming months, to ensure that developers from every walk of life are aware of this resource, available to all.

“Being a part of the IGDA Global Indie Collective provides me an opportunity to give back to a community that I love,” said Greg Goodrich, VP of Production at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. “I am honored to be a part of such a passionate group of industry veterans, and the sheer scale of developers that we’ll be able to reach is very exciting.”

“I’m very much looking forward to joining the IGDA Indie Collective to foster support and encouragement for the highly talented and aspiring development community,” said Shannon Studstill, Studio Director, Playa Vista Studio, Stadia Games & Entertainment.

“Throughout my career at PlayStation, I have been truly impressed and inspired by the work of independent developers.  More often, it has been indie devs who created ground-breaking, genre-defining titles that brought new ways to entertain players,” said Shuhei Yoshida, Head of Sony’s Indies Initiative. “Being a part of this exciting group will allow us to continue helping independent game creators around the world in a more personal and direct way.”

“In these incredibly difficult times it is even more important to share knowledge, best practices, and access to expertise,” said Robin Hunicke, Co-Founder & CEO of Funomena. “Independent developers are the creative soul of our industry – taking risks on new ideas and searching the blue oceans of our medium for fresh, inspiring designs. We do this work because we believe that games are a truly expansive art form, and I’m thrilled to support this collective in shepherding our community safely through the rough waters ahead!”

“Independent game developers are an important part of the game industry ecosystem, a place where the unexpected can and does happen, said Andy McNamara, Editor of Game Informer magazine. “Hopefully by sharing information and experience we can help foster ideas and raise the art of game development to a new level of success.”

The IGDA Global Indie Collective will take an active role in guiding and advising developers through the various challenges that face this global community. The Collective will be freely available to support developers across key areas of indie success, including strategic planning, diversity, business development, financing, production, team design, and more.

To enjoy even more support from the IGDA as an indie developer, please visit: https://igda.org/membership/igda-affiliates/