As a pioneering mobile game developer and publisher, Maysalward’s early glocalization vision – localizing global games and giving them cultural relevance – has tremendously helped the enterprise grow into THE top company in the Middle East and international business with Headquarter in the heart of the Middle East Jordan and the Silicon Spa England Studio since January 2017.

From designing the most popular regional games to publishing award-winning independent developers and internationally renowned brands, Maysalward has become synonymous with diversity and excellence.

This, however, is only a tip of the iceberg. Since 2016, Maysalward has increased efforts to develop mobile Virtual and Augmented Reality games, for Google Cardboard and now for Oculus Go. Recently, Maysalward partnered with OneAnimation to build and publish the Oddbods Augmented and Virtual Reality Mobile Games.

Maysalward prides itself on keeping an eye to the future while working to commercialize current games – the company is fully prepared to step into the spotlight as a global leader in the mobile games industry.

Forward-thinking entrepreneur and gaming enthusiast, Nour Khrais, planted the roots for Maysalward in 2003. Well before most game developers shifted their attention to mobile devices, even before the mass adoption of smartphones, Khrais was busy developing high-quality mobile games in earnest. In August of 2011, the company began its quest to conquer the global market, and it quickly became apparent to investors and partners that Maysalward is the gateway to the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) market if they were looking to distribute their games.

Starting with small technical teams in the Ukraine and Jordan, the company began by localizing a few successful, international games. Since then, Maysalward has introduced their trademark cards games Trix, Tarneeb, and Balot, in addition to board games, the award-winning Dominoes. The company’s mobile games are available on the AppStore for iOS devices and Google Play for Android mobile phones and tablets. In an industry where game studios typically partner with a publisher, who then also handles marketing, Maysalward bucks’ convention, acting as both a developer and publisher.

Since 2014, the company has expanded its services to include the publishing of regional indie developer games and internationally renowned brands. Today, the company works in close collaboration with Zeptolab in the MENA market (Middle East and North Africa), producing hits like Cut The Rope and King of Thieves. They’ve also recently launched the top-selling racing game – Nitro Nation – with Creative Mobile.

In addition, Maysalward works with Koukoi of Finland on Crashing Season and with Seviper on Wild City Rush, already available in online stores. Unique Origin Maysalward’s rise on the mobile games scene is even more impressive when you consider the company’s Middle East origins. To this day, the market remains entirely neglected by other big publishers. Nour Khrais, a native of Jordan (where Maysalward is now based), was quick to recognize this underserved market. And by creating high-quality content of cultural relevance to local players, Maysalward has emerged as the most prominent developer and publisher in the Middle East. Having established their distribution channels and strategic partnerships, their games and their business set them apart.

To stand as an industry giant, however, requires more than just bringing great products into the world. Maysalward believes that building the local ecosystem of game developers, artists, animators, testers, etc. is crucial for improving the gaming industry in Jordan. The company is involved in several grassroots activities that translate this belief into action, including boot camps, developer days, and an annual gaming summit.

In Partnership with King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD), Maysalward also manages the Gaming Lab based in Amman, Irbid, Aqaba, and Maan, with others soon to open in Karak and Zarqa. This collaboration has led to the formation of a semi-yearly App Challenge, which targets involving 14-16-year-old school students in the development of the local gaming sector. To date, eight waves of app challenges have been conducted since 2011, training 2300+ students on coding, design, story, and gameplay.

In yet another educational initiative, Maysalward has teamed with The Children’s Museum of Jordan to develop onsite interactive games Traction Maysalward was a self-funded company until 2011 when the leading Turkish VC firm, Timar Ventures, came onboard and a follow-up round with Angel Investor BCI Telecom in 2015. With support from their partners and investors, Maysalward has been able to focus on organic customer acquisition. The results speak for themselves – Since 2011, over 15 million unique downloads for their portfolio of games have been recorded, with many games landing atop gaming charts across the world and several platforms. The success of Maysalward has warranted expanding beyond the Middle East.

The company has already established itself and opened an office in Leamington Spa, UK. In 2016 Maysalward Partnered with the King Abdullah II Special Operation Forces (KASOTC) and Launched the Game of Warriors mobile game. The Game of Warriors is an e-Sport Military Simulation game based on the Annual combat oriented Military competition; The Warrior Competition. Maysalward on 21 March 2017, Launched a New Game “Ola Around The World” in Partnership with Ola Al Fares One of the MENA region Strongest Influencers, Media and TV Stars. 2018 came with a significant partnership with OneAnimation, a CG animation studio in Singapore and producer of the award-winning, kids’ CG animated comedy Oddbods. Maysalward developed a Live Texturing coloring book, and a virtual reality Find The Object game. Besides, a third game will be launched soon.

Today,  Maysalward team continue to work on enhancing their presence in the Middle East as the top mobile gaming company, while focusing efforts on game monetization and converting current and future users to paying customers. Meanwhile, a European presence will assist Maysalward in strengthening their understanding of UI/UX, monetization and relationships with industry experts, reviewers, social networks, and marketing channels.

The company is already working with Digiment, England to develop and co-publish their upcoming title “Zoonies around the World” that launched Q1 2017. Besides, Maysalward has signed with Finnish Studio, Koukoi Games and German Studio, Sviper to co-develop and publish both Games; Crashing Season and Wild City Rush in the MENA region.

Over the next few years, Maysalward is determined to lead the mobile game industry in the MENA region and be an active player worldwide. Maysalward has the experience, network, team & vision to achieve this target.

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