Maysalward R&D (MRD) founding member in Jordan Game Development Task Force

Maysalward R&D (MRD) founding member in Jordan Game Development Task Force

Amman – Jordan,  January 20, 2011

King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD) signed an agreement with the Information and Communications Technology Association of Jordan – int@j, to support the establishment of a task force for game development companies in Jordan.  Maysalward R&D (MRD) is one of the founding members of  the Jordan Gaming Development Task Force (JGDTF).  JGDTF  is an open and independent coalition of Jordan’s premier gaming companies.   The Task Force’s objective is to advance Jordan’s game development capacity and help propel the Jordanian gaming on a local, regional, and international scale.

Nour Khrais, MRD GM & Founder,  the Chairperson of  JGDTF, explained that “The JGDTF aims through KAFD support to position Jordan as the regional gaming hub for the development and distribution of games irrespective of platform, promote awareness of the game sector inside and outside of Jordan to attract continued economic opportunity and investment.  JGDTF also aims to build quality engineering and business capability and capacity in the sector, promote game development as a career, support game development education, create specialized and accelerated training, promote start-ups and provide them with much needed guidance, mentorship, and acceleration help.”

Khrais added, “the JGDTF will be working on establishing ‘The Jordan Interactive Gaming Laboratory’ which will act as an initial incubator where students/developers could develop their own game ideas. Members and participants in the lab will learn the essentials of game design, develop a game story and learn about storytelling, create game characters, storyboard, and game scenarios productions, design a game interface and GUI, create sound effects and game play music, and explore popular video games and get the Latest updates about games.   Governed and regulated by Int@j as a non-profit entity, the lab’s operations will be run by Oasis 500 under the policies, supervision and oversight of the Jordan Game Development Task Force.”

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