Maysalward launches Balot on OVI Nokia Store

Maysalward launches Balot on OVI Nokia Store

Amman, Jordan – March 28, 2011

Maysalward, a specialized game developer based in Irbid & Amman, Jordan, has launched Balot on the Nokia OVI store.  The regional card game, Balot, is available for all Nokia Ovi customers in the Middle East and worldwide.

“Continuing with our strategy to develop and provide games to mobile customers we extended our game portfolio to the Nokia OVI store after being available directly through mobile operators.” says Nour Khrais, GM and founder of Maysalward R&D.    Nour added “ App stores and especially Ovi is a natural extension of availability of our games.  We worked with the Ovi team to make available the game and within a few days of being launched it has become the top card game being downloaded in several regional markets.”

Balot, among other card games, has been available since launch in 2007 over many handsets including Nokia j2ME / Symbian platforms.   Nour also added  “ We will be launching our whole potfolio of games on the OVI platform including Tarneeb, Balot & others over the next period.  Balot is currently available as single player on the Ovi Store and will add to it different versions including Multiplayer, Balot Complex and cross platform gaming.  Customers or players, will be able to compete with other players who are on other OS platforms or online.”

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