Strategic Partnership Launching  a Mobile Games Publisher

Strategic Partnership Launching a Mobile Games Publisher

Zain Jordan and Maysalward, the leading regional mobile games development company, announced the signing of a strategic partnership agreement that entails supporting youth from the mobile games developers segment through adopting their applications and promoting them in the local market during the first phase and in the regional and global markets at later phases.

The partnership was announced during a ceremony held at Zain headquarters on Wednesday and attended by indie developers, local mobile game development companies, and entrepreneurs to announce the official launch of the mobile game “ShaqDown 2”, developed by Maysalward and recently released in the global market across different App Stores.  ShaqDown 2,  includes the characters of the famous basketball player Shaquille O’Neal who will be joined by fellow legends, Jet Li, and the three-time world heavyweight champion, Muhammad Ali.

Zain Jordan Chief Executive Officer Ahmad Hanandeh commented: “Promising youth segment is our motive at Zain to take part in supporting entrepreneurs, startups, and innovative ideas. We at Zain are committed to transforming from indirect support into direct support for entrepreneurship through establishing direct communication channels with creative youth who aims at transforming innovative ideas into profitable projects that serve the community and provide job opportunities for youth.”

Hanandeh added: “Through this partnership, we look forward to providing the technical and logistic support to mobile  game developers in order to overcome the challenges that face them via dedicating a specialized platform that help them to accelerate their development and enhance their innovative capabilities.” He continued “We will work on promoting mobile games through assisting game developers to design apps that match the interest of users and guarantees their engagement while playing the game in addition to marketing their games and ensuring a massive reach, whereas Zain will act as a publisher to promote these games in the local market initially and in the countries that Zain Group operates in, hence publishing it regionally and globally.”

For his part, Founder and CEO of Maysalward, Nour Khrais commented “Our partnership with Zain started back in 2003 with the first Arabic game on the mobile handset, and today we are collaborating together to support and promote digital advanced games in local, regional and global markets. We highly value our alliance with Zain that entails design, technical and marketing to promote and release mobile games to the worldwide  12 Billion US dollars market that is increasingly becoming more competitive.  The market & gamers demand a high quality & polished game, and that is where Zain & Maysalward publishing alliance comes to play.”

IMG_20140611_175353-e1402563648865 Strategic Partnership Launching  a Mobile Games Publisher

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