AppCircus Partnership

AppCircus Partnership

Amman, Jordan—November 2013—Looking to keep pace with global developments seen in the Information Technology (IT), digital gaming and applications industry, as well as supporting entrepreneurs specialized in developing smartphone applications, Maysalward has entered a strategic partnership with the internationally recognized AppCircus. The partnership helps to better qualify and improve the skills of digital gaming app developers around the world and is in cooperation with Umniah and the Gaming Lab.

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The partnership is the first of its kind locally and focuses on mobile applications as well as finding the most creative mobile apps in today’s world. The partnership was announced at the Jordan Gaming Summit 2013 in Amman and is organized by the Gaming Lab with support from the King Abdullah II Fund for Development and in coordination with officials from the sector.

Umniah affirmed that this initiative will enhance the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with focus put on entrepreneurs and their ideas which are directed towards the internet, digital applications and the IT sector. AppCircus is a unique global traveling showcase of the most creative and innovative apps presented by their creators during some of the most influential international events in mobile/web. A reputable jury evaluates submitted apps and nominates candidates to participate in the Mobile Premier Awards held annually in Barcelona.

The CEO of Umniah, Ihab Hinnawi, commented on the partnership saying, “Umniah’s support for the AppCircus initiative is due to the popularity of smartphones and related apps as they have attracted many investors and users with their continued growth. These sectors also offer great opportunities to Jordan’s youth, as well as develop their skills and increase their global access.

The CEO of Maysalward, Nour Khrais, said, “We are thrilled to be working with a company as prestigious as Umniah, due to the important role their partnerships give in developing entrepreneurs and better serves Jordan and its youth. Moreover, partnership between Umniah, Gaming Lab & Maysalward with AppCircus is a significant step forward in the development of the global digital gaming market. ”


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