ShaqDown 2 Live on Amazon Appstore

ShaqDown 2 Live on Amazon Appstore

Amman, Jordan September 1, 2014 –  Today, Maysalward and One Spear Entertainment announced the release of a new update for  their free to play mobile game ShaqDown 2 on the Amazon App Store.

In ShaqDown 2, Shaquille O’Neal is joined by fellow legends, Jet Li, three-time world heavyweight champion, Muhammad Ali, three-time amateur wrestling champion, Lee Kemp, and two-time winner of the World’s Strongest Man competition, Brian Shaw.

The update comes at the same time of Amazon’s App Store expansion to 41 new countries with focus in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia markets. The latest update includes new store mode levels include a military and civilian airport, a new Chinatown survival level, and the option to choose between joystick /D-pad or touch controls. The update also allows gamers to save their game, choose between different six different languages. With this line-up of champions the Zombies don’t stand a chance.

The ShaqDown 2 game app is also available on other leading mobile platforms globally.

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