The 90s Firemen are Back to Stop the Fire!

The 90s Firemen are Back to Stop the Fire!

Remember Ball, Donkey Kong Jr, Green House, Turtle Bridge, and Fire games? Did you play them on a small LCD Handheld? If you did! Then you should admit that you are an 80’s-90’s Kid. Don’t worry! Old is Gold.

The Game & Watch brand released and marketed by Nintendo from 1980 to 1991 came out with titles that introduced the world to portable gaming, changing gameplay from a bulky experience to be truly mobile.

It’s been 40 long years since Game & Watch Ball was launched and mobile gaming became more popular throughout the decade.
To celebrate with nostalgic fun! Our clumsy but brave Ding & Dang heroes decided to help the firemen in the firefighters’ mobile game.

Ready to Play & Stop The Fire?

Download the game and start enjoying the retro arcade gameplay experience with a simplicity that makes this game so addictive. Download Here