Wild City Rush Launch

Wild City Rush Launch

Maysalward, the leading Mobile Game Studio and Publisher in the Middle East and North Africa, launches a culturally localized version of Wild City Rush in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA). Maysalward partnered with Sviper, a Germany based game developer, and optimized the game for the MENA market. The German developer partnered up with a local publisher to reach the full potential of the growing mobile gaming region.

“It’s an exciting rising market for mobile games with a large and growing population of smartphone users,” acknowledges Michael Reichert, founder of Sviper.

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Wild City Rush starts off as a very accessible, fun obstacle course and turns into an intense challenge over time. The game substantially enhances the genre’s beloved formula by combining accessibility with compelling and long-lasting progression mechanics. A sophisticated level and power-up system make the gameplay experience rewarding and action-packed. The game is available worldwide and free to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

“We’re excited to partner with the Sviper team to bring Wild City Rush to the MENA region. Wild City Rush is a unique endless runner game that we want our Arabic MENA Region players to enjoy in their language, with local animals and a customized environment.” Confirms Nour Khrais -Founder and CEO of Maysalward.

The MENA region is one of the fastest growing mobile gaming markets and has a great promise to continue its growth in the next years. With this launch Maysalward enters into another milestone and confirms the strategy to strengthen its position as leading publisher of world wide top casual mobile games in Arabic, thereby taking advantage of the fastest growing games market worldwide and its growing user base.

This confirmation comes with Maysalward in the past two years launching “Cut the Rope 2″ Cut The Rope Magic” and “King of Thieves” besides the top growing MultiPlayer Racing Mobile Game “Nitro Nation” with Creative Mobile. Recently the Company launched also The Award Winning Runner Game “Crashing Season” with Finish Developer Koukoi .

Nour Khrais added: “The MENA Region Players are expecting the Best from us and this is why we are partnering with the best Titles and Game Developers and Publishing their games with Special Tailored Versions for the Region.”

About Maysalward
Maysalward, a company, founded in November 2003 and based in Jordan, is the first mobile game development company in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) market. Recognized as the leading mobile game development studio in the region. In 2014 Maysalward expanded its services to include the publishing of regional Mobile developer games and renowned international IPs.

About Sviper
Based in Hamburg, Sviper is an independent mobile gaming studio founded in 2016 by three industry veterans with mobile and free to play experience from Germany’s biggest gaming companies. Sviper is set out to deliver outstanding gameplay experiences in the highest quality for mobile devices. Combining intelligence, innovation, focus and speed in a zero-politics work environment, Sviper works on nothing less than a new mobile gaming success story.