Zain and Maysalward Free Virtual Reality Workshops

Zain and Maysalward Free Virtual Reality Workshops


Zain Jordan and Maysalward, specialists in mobile game development and publishing, have recently held a Virtual Reality training workshops. This two-month training course was held at the Jordan Gaming Lab of the King Abdullah II Fund for Development, at the King Hussein Business Park. After the full training, the students will compete on their acquired virtual reality games development skills, and their applications to smartphones. Zain and Maysalward will also grant the developers an opportunity to publish their successful games.

virtualReality Zain and Maysalward Free Virtual Reality Workshops

The aim of the training course which was attended by 35 students was to build the capacities of young Jordanians, and to develop their skills in the field of advanced mobile technologies, keeping abreast of the modern technological developments in the field of virtual reality.

Other aims were to support the video games industry in Jordan, raising awareness of the importance of the games industry among millennials, and to help young people develop their ideas, and improve their education in design and production of electronic games, as well as networking between Jordanian youth interested in this field and relevant international companies.

The first (beginners) stage is aimed to introduce Virtual Reality and to train the students to develop simple VR cardboard games.

Seven projects that were accessed in this phase, and they were tickets for the participants to transition to the Intermediate stage.

The aim of the intermediate stage was to enhance the students’ software capacity through advanced projects through which they could create games that can compete in the local and international market. Three projects were developed in this phase. The upcoming Professional phase will aim to more advanced VR development Skills and the PC connected virtual reality games.

Nour Khrais, Founder, and CEO of Maysalward, the technical partner of the Jordan Gaming Lab, elaborated on the importance of partnership with Zain, which resulted in such initiatives, programs and specialized training courses that discuss and provide training for young people in new technical areas, such as Virtual reality. “We want our developers to be at the forefront in such areas, and we are happy to transfer our experiences as a gaming company to the young developers,” Khrais Added.

Khrais said that the organization of this Free Training Course comes with the rapid developments we are witnessed in virtual reality technology, where the stakes are high on the creators of video games technology, in particular with the increase in revenues, which in the next four years is expected to exceed the of $ 14 billion mark.

Virtual Reality is defined as a computer technology that involves simulating a real or three-dimensional environment that immerses humans into a virtual environment to feel that they live there, and may sometimes allow people to interact with this environment. The most significant example of virtual reality technology is mobile 360 Games Maysalward Developed like Siege Defence, Aliens invasion, and Lately with Ola Al Fares, “ Ola Around The World” with a VR Skiing Game.